Audio Video Security electronics design, installations and repair service NJ NY
Audio Video Security electronics design, installations and repair service NJ NY 
$ 68.00 Service Call Charge in metro NJ, NY area ( this including in house repair and /or pick-up and delivery ) 

Most of consumer LCD and plasmas flat screen Television are designed to fail in 2-4 Years, this is because the manufacture wants You to purchase a new Tv. There is name for this, Planned obsolescence ! 

The most inexpensive way the manufacture can accomplish this is by using specific parts in specific locations that will fail over time without causing other problems ( fire hazard and insurance claims ) In today's TVs' it is the Power supply, that needs to be replaced.

When You Google Your Model # of the TV and the problem You always find " Capacitors need to be replaced or refurbish the power supply module, this is because " those are the parts with Hours limits on them ! " When you receive a refurbished module, guess What ? The same capacitors are used !

WE use 125 Celsius Military Grade Capacitors to repair Your TV with a 5 Year / 20,000 hours Guarantee.

Most TVs we repair in New Jersey, New York Area are a Max of $ 300.00 and 5 more years of use with ECSI Corp. gaurantee.
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